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Adamas Biotechnic College

Biotechnology covers a variety of disciplines relating to health, industry, environment, food and more. The Biotechnology
College is committed to focus on quality biotech through a multi-disciplinary and global approach with the belief that
higher education requires a study of diverse subjects, which satisfy personal career, desires, development of broad
foundation for subsequent learning and adaptation to new societal needs.
Broadly, the Biotechnic College prepares students in the fields of Biotechnology, Bio-engineering, Tissue Culture,
Intellectual Property Rights, etc. through programmes in Industrial Biotechnology; Bioinformatics; IPR & Patents Law;
Biotechnology Management; Cell & Tissue Culture; Environmental & Industrial Biotechnology; Biotechniques; Industrial
Biotechnology and more. It empowers students to seek a profession across a range of applications in this exciting
scientific field.

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