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Adamas Art School

Art is not only a fulfilling profession but also a lucrative one. The Art School is an interactive institution where the method
of practice of Art can be learnt by up and coming artists to bring out their creative talents. It will provide advance training
in Visual Arts (creative and applied) leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree of Calcutta University.
The aim of the teaching and training programme in the College is to achieve overall refinement of the students’
perception that extends beyond developing professional skills to creating the right kind of intellect and creativity and
thought. The course integrates academics with the relevant work exposure, slide shows, talks, discussions,
assignments, site visits and on the spot studies. A graduate from the school will easily find employment in advertising
agencies, industrial and publication houses, newspapers and magazines, films and performing art studios, textile and
consumer goods industries, multimedia and web designing studios. They may also become freelance artists, designers,
sculptors, painters, printmakers and may opt for joining the teaching profession


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